Antonello Meloni (dj mood) was born near Turin on the last day of 1981. In the years of adolescence studied drums and percussion and become part of the multi-ethnic group "MOM SEM BOP" as a percussionist. During this experience begins to explore the electronic sounds especially "trip hop" and "dub". Following the meeting with "AURE DJ" decided to leave the drums and start a new path consisting of software and synths. The two form the "MOOD OF LOVE" training consists of 5 elements offering a performance-based live remixing and visual as well as playing his own productions. The "MOOD OF LOVE" participate in the selection of "Arezzo Wave" reaching the finals in the top 10 throughout Italy. Open the concerts of "FRANKIE HI-NRG" and "P.G.R." Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, work with and play with EXPLOSIVA "ADAM SKY" and "leila" (former keyboardist B.JORK). After a few years the roads separate and MOOD (name derived from the old line-up) is dedicated to the production of drum and bass in effect becoming a DJ. He moved to Sardinia with some local DJs and creates the collective "DOWNKEY CREW". Born the event "BASS ON FACE ", the intent is to connect a really poor participate in making new sounds artists of national and international DJs "natives". Here MOOD has the chance to play with ROLLER'S INC.-DE NIRO-NINJA (SUBSONICA)-MC VICTOR-PAOLO PARPAGLIONE (AFRICA UNITE)-ESTEL LUZ-MAURS-ARP XP-TECHFOOD-DOSE-EXORCIST-THE FUNKTION. Also participates in the 2010-2012 editions of the international jazz festival "TIME IN JAZZ" JAZZ CLUB section. Today MOOD is stable at Rome continued its collaboration with the"DOWNKEY CREW " for "BASS ON FACE"in Sardinia and "SPACEDROME" in Rome.